Seattle is that way, so let’s go!

seattle2It’s not easy to keep a lid on things in the TV business, so if you’ve heard rumors about an upcoming move to Seattle, they are true. Alyssa, Lola and I will soon have a Washington state address.

I have accepted the Executive Producer position at KIRO-TV, a Cox Media Group station. My first day is April 15, which leaves very little time to say goodbye to Las Vegas, the place I’ve called home since 2001.

Let me clear up another rumor before it starts: This move has nothing to do with grunge music.

That’s not really my scene anymore. I’m aware of Seattle’s reputation, and I’m sure it’s well-deserved, but it would be impossible to compete with some of the experiences I’ve had in Las Vegas.

Seriously, I was standing next to A-Rod when Jay-Z sang Empire State of Mind on New Year’s Eve at The Cosmopolitan, I was on stage with Nas at House of Blues, and I was in the front row at the Sugar Ray concert when Mark McGrath pointed at me and said I was “making this whole thing happen!”

Top that, Seattle.

So it’s not about the music, it’s really just the same old reason about a great opportunity at a great company and the excitement and experiences I’m going to have in this world-class city, yada, yada, yada.

Is it more exciting than that time I won $60 in a slot machine at The Palms and used part of the money to see Halloween 8 for a second time? It’s close.

Is it more exciting than the cliffhanger first season finale of Fastlane? Yes, because the show got canceled and I never got any closure.

So, this is bigger than Fastlane. That’s scary huge, and I’m a little scared. Not cover my eyes and leave the theater scared like that time I saw The Strangers, but more like Johnny Utah about to jump out of a plane scared.

Aside from Singles and Sir Mix-A-Lot, I don’t know that much about Seattle. My research tells me it’s consistently ranked on those “best of” lists that you usually find on Buzzfeed, so that’s a big deal. It was also the setting for a great season of The Real World, which was the last season I watched. So that has to mean something, right?

(Side note: I actually saw one of those Seattle Real World cast members in Vegas about 10 years ago. I was like, “Hey, it’s you… guy!”)

Anyway, back to my point. There’s a lot to look forward to, culture, scenery, Mariners games, all that stuff. It will also be crazy to see movies in theaters I don’t even know about right now! Kind of like the time I saw Karate Kid 2 in Toronto.

(Side note: I actually saw Pat Morita one time at the old Las Vegas Hilton. That was pretty cool.)

So, this is it Las Vegas. I have no regrets, except that I was never able to grow a mustache during that time they were making a comeback.

If you’re here in town, look for an announcement about a going-away party or whatever on Facebook. We’ll think of something, because Alyssa and I hope to see all of our friends before we leave. But if we miss you don’t worry. It’s like they said in that Dolph Lundgren He-Man movie, “Don’t say goodbye, say good journey.”

(Side note: I also saw Dolph Lundgren in Vegas one time. He was wearing a fanny pack. For real.)

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