That time things got weird at the haunted house

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to say it.

One of the monsters at Trilogy of Terror licked my face.

It was unexpected. It was gross. It was kind of funny.

I hear it’s also a popular trend for Halloween haunts — the R-rated “full contact” experience, where actors are allowed to touch the guests.

In my case, I was touring the haunted houses at Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror in northwest Las Vegas on Saturday night. There are three attractions: Circus of Horrors, Castle Vampyre, and the R-rated Gates of Hell.

The line was shortest at Gates of Hell, and I didn’t realize why until my friend and I got to the front and had to sign a waiver form. I thought it might be a joke, but the form said the actors would touch you and curse at you and you weren’t allowed to touch them back.

I can take a little shoving, so I didn’t mind signing it. I don’t mind being scared either, I’ll jump when the actors jump out at me, but I won’t freak out or anything.

It wouldn’t be right to give away everything, so I’ll just say there was plenty of shoving, lots of cursing, some electric shocks, and the aforementioned licking.

Since I signed the waiver, I can’t complain it was inappropriate. But it was unusual. I’d heard that these interactive haunts can get much worse, and apparently, there’s a Gates of Hell “Victim Experience” that is really obscene.

I read the form at the ticket booth, it says patrons will be subjected to physical and mental torture. I’m not down with that.

The electric shocks were okay, the licking was unpleasant but I survived. I draw the line at actual pain.

I will say about the Gates of Hell: Once you go through it, those other two houses are a breeze. They were a lot of fun too. Castle Vampyre has some clever features, like a room where the ceiling closes in on you Temple of Doom-style.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

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Jason R. Latham

Jason R. Latham is a Las Vegas-based freelance writer and owner of STRUT Stories, LLC, a digital storytelling studio specializing in content strategy, copywriting, and social media management.

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