Now Playing spawns ‘Gremlins’, loads up on King in 2014

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Now Playing Podcast has released its 2013-2014 winter schedule, one that brings horror home for the holidays with “Gremlins” and promises to go heavy on Stephen King next year.

In-between, listeners will get a new installment to 2010’s Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio retrospective after “The Wolf of Wall Street” hits theaters, as well as a “Robocop” series that will coincide with the remake’s release in February.

But, as the hosts promised, the bulk of Now Playing’s future will revolve around King’s catalog and the everlasting cycle of film and television adaptations that dates back to the 70s.

Now Playing — which peaked at No. 2 on iTunes’ TV & Film rankings this week – launched its King retrospective in October with four episodes covering the author’s first novel, “Carrie.”

The hosts – who admit the series will take years to complete – have committed themselves to covering titles with even the loosest connection to the author. That means audiences will hear reviews of “King in name only” films such as “The Lawnmower Man” and the “Children of the Corn” sequels (eight and counting).

To make things interesting, they’ve also chosen to cover each property according to the original book’s publication date, so popular adaptations of “Pet Semetary” and “It” won’t air until long after the aforementioned “Lawnmower” and other works from King’s 20-story “Night Shift” collection.

The first “Night Shift” adaptations, “The Woman in the Room” and “Boogeyman,” will be released Feb. 25. A complete list of Now Playing’s winter schedule can be found on the show’s website.

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