Tryon Studios to release new ‘Halloween’ tale in October


Michael Myers is coming home this fall.
Michael Myers is coming home this fall.

The sun is setting up here in Seattle, so there’s still enough time for me to grab the coattails of today’s Halloween Blu-ray news and make some noise of my own.

In case you missed it, Anchor Bay and Scream Factory announced the upcoming release of the 15-disc Halloween: The Complete Collection box set, featuring new interviews and unreleased versions of films (including the Halloween 6 Producer’s Cut).

Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the collection, which runs $118.99 for the Limited Deluxe Edition.

And if, after all that, you hunger for more Halloween, Tryon Studios has another treat for you!

I figured this was as good a time as any to intentionally let it slip that my friend Devon Heffer and I are working on our next project, to be released in October.

We launched our creative partnership, Tryon Studios, last year and released Halloween: Masks. The response was very kind, and we want to keep exploring the possibilities within the Halloween universe.

This upcoming project will not be a follow-up to Masks, although I would like to go back to the characters we created – Bradley and Jessica – and see what happens to them.

“This time around I really wanted to explore an established character,” Devon said. “Someone the fans already know and love. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

While we’re keeping the title and plot details under wraps, I will say the story focuses on a character from Halloween 2, which is my favorite film in the series.

Having experienced last fall’s Halloween: 35 Years of Terror convention in person, I know the series still has a huge fan base, and while it may be another couple of years before a new film is released, it’s nice to know there’s enough room in the universe to add more stories in print.

Updates to come.

— Jason

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