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furious7I was just thinking last week, during the hoopla over the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, that a trailer for Fast and Furious 7 should be arriving soon.

Not only did we get confirmation today that a trailer would premiere Nov. 1, but Universal also announced the sequel was officially titled Furious 7, and the banner posted above was also released online.

The studio is putting a lot of effort behind the trailer release; it will be hyped relentlessly on social media in the coming days, and there is a launch event scheduled for Saturday where stars from the franchise will answer fan questions during a live stream/broadcast.

It’s a smart marketing move and should pay off in hype. As a fan of the films, I’m hoping it will also pay off at the box office. But Furious 7 will have to bank a lot of money in its first few weeks if it has a chance of topping the $788M its predecessor brought in a year-and-a-half ago.

Today’s “preview of the preview” gives you a glimpse at what we can expect from the sequel. The seven stars pictured side-by-side obviously represent the “Furious 7” who will be taking on villain Jason Statham following the death of Sung Kang’s Han in the last film. That lines up with everything director James Wan has said about the film being a “gritty 70s revenge thriller.”

Obviously, Wan can’t push the franchise further into the realms of absurdity — how could he possibly top the action highlights of the previous film? I’m just worried about how “gritty” he’s going to make his film, and how audiences who enjoy the escapism of the franchise will react to his vision.

But I really shouldn’t worry this much. Fast and Furious is Universal’s biggest franchise. They’ll take care of it.

I’m wondering if I should live-tweet next weekend’s trailer launch event. Hmmmmmm.



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