Snip20141101_21That’s the first word that came to mind after seeing the Furious 7 trailer this afternoon.

The event, streamed online and presented by E!, featured the first footage from the film and capped a weeklong promotional event Universal dubbed, “The Road to Furious 7.”

As I did with the Super Bowl release of the first Fast and Furious 6 trailer, here some quick thoughts — seven of them:

1) Paul Walker will be front-and-center in the sequelSnip20141101_20

It doesn’t appear the actor’s role will be reduced following his death last year. Walker is featured heavily in the trailer, especially in the first stunt…

2) The franchise will continue to defy the laws of physicsSnip20141101_19

And I will love it. To think that at one time it bothered me to see Walker jump his car over a competitor as they raced across a rising bridge.

The Fast franchise has gotten more ridiculous with each sequel, and the Furious 7 trailer starts with cars parachuting out of a plane, segueing into the image above; Walker racing  to jump from a bus falling off a cliff.

3) Let’s hope there’s better dialogue than thisSnip20141101_21

“It’s like the sins of London have followed us home,” Diesel says during the trailer.

Come on. This isn’t 2 Fast 2 Furious anymore. I know the franchise isn’t going to win any Best Screenplay awards — and that’s not why I’m a fan — but that one was a real groaner.

4) I’m loving that the franchise continues to think globalSnip20141101_22

This series is going Mission Impossible in terms of its foreign locales. The first trailer gives a glimpse of the glamorous Abu Dhabi scenes, with Diesel trading in his sleeveless shirts for a tux. Very James Bond-ian.

5) The Rock is backSnip20141101_23

Not only does he get to wield a minigun like Jesse Ventura in Predator, but we see a wounded Hobbs break himself free of a seriously huge cast in order to get back in the action.

6) Welcome Kurt RussellSnip20141101_24

We knew he had a role in the film, we still don’t know what it is. But it’s an awesome treat to have Snake Plissken and “Stuntman” Mike McKay on board.

 7) Did I mention the leaping?Snip20141101_25

Diesel and villain Jason Statham are presented here — in what I presume is their final fight — in mid-leap. There’s going to be a lot in this movie that’s not possible without special effects. I’m going with it.

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