Flame Out

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.50.54 PMBy nearly every account, the new Fantastic Four film is a disaster, and every day it seems we’re learning more about what happened behind the scenes of this train wreck. This is the kind of Hollywood flop they write books about, the kind that (hopefully) will inspire the person who already directed a documentary about previous Fantastic Four train wreck to direct a sequel about the new one.

I’m so fascinated by this story. I’ve never had any interest in the comic, and I’ve disliked all of the previous films. Yet I am so intrigued by what went wrong with this reboot. That’s why I couldn’t wait to hear this week’s episode of Now Playing Podcast. Here are some things that stand out:

  • One host defends the movie as another says it’s even worse than the Roger Corman version
  • The question is asked (and answered) as to why the Fantastic Four continues to be told on screen rather than, say, a TV series
  • One host calls it an “admirably interesting failure” (and you’ll want to hear why)
  • One host accuses a rival company of trying to “poison” the film

After you hear the show, get in on our Facebook conversation and tell us what you think should happen with the franchise. Listeners are split over whether FOX should make a sequel or reboot it again, or just stop altogether. It’s a great show and a great debate, join us.

Cover art to Now Playing Podcast's "Fantastic Four" retrospective series.
Cover art to Now Playing Podcast’s “Fantastic Four” retrospective series.

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