Now Playing Podcast Swats ‘The Fly’

Only on rare occasions will the hosts of Now Playing Podcast reach back into the black-and-white era to review a Hollywood classic. It happened once with The Thing From Another World, and fans of the podcast’s 2013 Die Hard retrospective will remember the review of Frank Sinatra’s The Detective.

This month, Now Playing is treating supporters to a trilogy of classic sci-fi films, 1958’s The Fly and its two sequels, Return of the Fly and Curse of the Fly. The series serves as a precursor to a review of 1986’s David Cronenberg remake, a film that’s likely more familiar to modern audiences and Now Playing’s core listening audience.

Like 1982’s The Thing (a remake of The Thing From Another World), Cronenberg’s film is considered by many to be a vast improvement on its original, most notably in the special effects department. Those films – and the remake of The Blob 30 years after the first – were a reflection of 1980s culture and societal fears as the 1950s versions were a reflection of the Red Scare and the Atomic Age.

In a Q&A at the Venganza Media Gazette, I spoke to Now Playing Podcast hosts Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob about remaking 50s sci-fi in the 80s. Read the discussion, and join us for The Fly retrospective, which kicks off Now Playing’s 2016 Fall Donation Drive.

Now Playing Podcast The Fly Retrospective
The Now Playing Podcast 2016 Fall Donation Drive begins with “The Fly” retrospective.

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