Golden Knights and the Best Toy Stores in Las Vegas

Vegas Seven magazine list of the best toy stores in Las Vegas
Vegas Seven’s list of Las Vegas toy stores worthy of your money.

The current issue of Vegas Seven magazine features a story I wrote about the best places to spend your toy dollars in Las Vegas. It was a tough assignment, my editor asked me to visit local toy stores and… that’s all I heard. There may have been other words.

In the end, I put together a list of seven stores worthy of your toy dollars this holiday shopping season. The list includes a few “must have” items for your collection, if the stores are willing to part with them.

Knights in Las Vegas

My second Vegas Seven story — which will be featured in the coming week’s issue — is a recap of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team name and logo announcement. Some technical issues plagued the video presentation, but that didn’t phase the thousands of fans who turned out to greet the city’s first professional sports franchise.

As someone who has covered news in Las Vegas for so long, and written a fair share of “stadium proposal” and “relocation speculation” articles, I’m blown away by how quickly the Vegas Golden Knights and their home at T-Mobile Arena came together.

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Jason R. Latham

Jason R. Latham is a Las Vegas-based freelance writer and owner of STRUT Stories, LLC, a digital storytelling studio specializing in content strategy, copywriting, and social media management.

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