Catching up with Las Vegas’ ‘Intriguing People’

The 2017 Vegas Seven magazine "Intriguing People" issue
The 2017 Vegas Seven “Intriguing People” issue

This week’s issue of Vegas Seven magazine puts the spotlight on 23 artists, influencers, and entrepreneurs that make Las Vegas such a fascinating place to live.

The annual “Intriguing People” list is a celebration of the city’s diversity and its ability to attract creative talent from around the world. I spoke with five of the men and women featured, and just one of them was born in Las Vegas.

The issue is on newsstands, and all of the profiles are online at the Vegas Seven website. Here is a sample of my contributions, and a little bit about the five individuals I interviewed for the issue. I encourage you to read all 23 stories. You will learn about the people, the city, and find some inspiration in the work they do.

Danielle Polk, also known by her DJ moniker Carouselle, is a member of the city’s emerging creative class. Originally from Oklahoma, she moved to Las Vegas in 2009 and now co-owns her own clothing label and produces her own music, among other ventures. During the course of our conversation, she talked about her search for “truth, beauty, and goodness,” what she’s bringing to this year’s Sundance Film Festival and why she loves Las Vegas.

Brothers Jeff and Joe Thomas have been in business together since they were kids, but they’ve hit the big time with their latest venture, Donut Bar in Downtown Las Vegas. These donuts are works of art, Instagram-worthy, and customers are so obsessed that the brothers can only keep their store open for a few hours every day. We talked about how the Las Vegas Donut Bar came together, and how they plan to top their hugely successful first year in business.

Omnia nightclub Director of Marketing Richard B. Alexander learned a lot about nightlife and event planning as a young man in Las Vegas. But he learned even more when he stepped away from the city for a few years. Now he’s back and ready to make Omnia the premier club destination on the Las Vegas Strip. We talked about getting out of your comfort zone and how Vegas nightlife compares to other cities.

When I was 20 years old I was probably worried about getting tickets to a Friday night showing of some movie. Hunter Hopewell is about to film one of his own. The creative director of his family’s production company, Rock*Comedy*Film, is an award-winning filmmaker and performer building a following here in Las Vegas. During our conversation he talked about his first standup comedy performance, what inspires him, and the legacy he wants to leave the world.

A life-changing event led Natasha Pace to a career she never expected, but was surprisingly good at: estate sales. After launching her own business, Silver Lining Estate Sales, in Las Vegas, she gained a reputation as an organizer of people’s lives. In her own life, she is a master organizer, and offered me some tips on keeping my own affairs in order.


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Jason R. Latham is a Las Vegas-based freelance writer and owner of STRUT Stories, LLC, a digital storytelling studio specializing in content strategy, copywriting, and social media management.

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