‘Intrigue’ as Instagram Millionaire Hits Vegas

While so many are enthralled with tonight’s Powerball jackpot and dreaming about what they’d do with their riches, I wrote an article for Vegas Seven magazine about a man who’s already living out others’ fantasies.

If you aren’t yet familiar Gianluca Vacchi’s name or reputation, you’ll likely hear of both following his DJ set at Wynn Las Vegas’ Intrigue Nightclub on Saturday, September 26. Yes, the same night as the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena.

Vacchi, the eccentric multimillionaire known for showcasing his excessive lifestyle – yachts, dancing, fashion, and even stunts – to his massive social media following (11.2 million on Instagram), scored a coveted post-fight slot in one of the city’s most popular nightclubs. At first glance this might appear to be a case of a rich guy getting what he wants: the chance to “play” DJ in Las Vegas. But Vacchi’s DJ skills and just released single, “Viento,” are pretty impressive, as I wrote in the article.

You can read a preview of Vacchi’s upcoming appearance – and see the “Viento” video online, and you’ll also find the story in the August 24 issue of Vegas Seven.

Gianluca Vacchi is coming to Las Vegas
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Vegas Seven

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Jason R. Latham

Jason R. Latham is a Las Vegas-based freelance writer and owner of STRUT Stories, LLC, a digital storytelling studio specializing in content strategy, copywriting, and social media management.

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