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Content and press material produced for Venganza Media:

Now Playing plots holiday heist with ‘Ocean’s’ crew – 11-18-14

Venganza Media debuts new look for Now Playing Podcast – 11-4-14

After lows of ‘Corn’ series, Now Playing looks forward to Nolan films – 10-11-14

‘Leprechaun Origins’ director talks rebooting silly series with legit horror – 9-3-14

Make the ‘Corn Connection’ with Now Playing Podcast – 8-19-14

‘Turtles’ power Now Playing on iTunes, ‘Children’ lurking – 8-14-14

Now Playing soars on iTunes, Bleeding Cool covers ‘The 40-Year-Old-Critic’ – 8-8-14

Venganza Media announces ‘The 40-Year-Old-Critic’ series – 7-31-14

News and entertainment content produced for

‘Fast & Furious’ future uncertain following Walker’s death – 12-1-2013

Madame Tussauds to debut Marvel attraction – 11-19-2013

Marvel deal gives Netflix stake in 2015 ‘Geekpocalypse’ – 11-7-2013

AEG, MGM reveal first look at Vegas arena – 11-5-2013

51s fans boost Minor League baseball season attendance – 9-17-2013

Fright Dome unveils ‘Collector’ theme for 2013 – 7-25-2013

‘Lone Ranger’ reception another setback for old-time heroes – 7-7-2013

CinemaCon to honor ‘Fast and Furious’ director in Vegas – 4-10-2013

Walmart’s VUDU service says customer info stolen – 4-9-2013

Filmmaker breathes new life into failed Superman project – 2-28-2013

5 ‘Star Wars’ stories that deserve big-screen treatment – 2-6-2013

‘Seduction’ exhibit chronicles history of comic book censorship – 10-26-2012

Podcast star assembles Hollywood history of Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ – 4-1-2012

In early 2012, I helped launch the new, which gutted much of my story archive. Below are some links to stories published before the reboot that still remain on the new site:

Angle Tape Prompts Tea Party Chair To Resign 10-05-2010

One Year Later, Binion’s Still Making Cuts 12-13-2010

Police: Slain Airman’s Wife Admitted Affair 12-09-2010

Cosmopolitan Launches Virtual Career Fair 9-27-2010

Netflix Move Puts DVD Industry On Notice 11-22-2010

Drivers Use Caution As Deluge Continues 12-22-2010

Police: Driver Was Â?In A HurryÂ? 2-01-2010

Vegas Oddsmakers Don’t Buy Cavaliers ‘Guarantee’ 7-09-2010

Boaters Ignored During Obama Backlash 2-03-2010

Mayor: Zappos Makes Vegas Â?Major LeagueÂ? 12-01-2010

Officers Describe Shooting Of Costco Customer 9-28-2010

Vegas Home Prices Keep Falling, Cash Buys Up 3-08-2011

Brighter Days Ahead After Election? Maybe 11-02-2010

Angle Announces Run For Congress 3-16-2011

Goodman’s Wife Shakes Up Vegas Mayoral Race 2-02-2011

Pistons Rumors Fuel Vegas NBA Chatter 7-15-2010

Angle WonÂ?t Pursue RaggioÂ?s Seat 1-10-2011

RANT: TrumpÂ?s Vegas Visit Now Meaningless 4-28-2011

Angle Doubles Down On Â?Illegal AlienÂ? Threat 10-25-2010

Does New Angle Ad Resort To Fear-Mongering? 10-05-2010

Sparks? Nevada Senate Debate Barely Had Pulse 10-15-2010

Parade Helps Kick Off NASCAR Weekend 3-03-2011

RANT: Why Andy Rooney Did Las Vegas A Favor 5-17-2010

Caesars Inks Matt Goss As New Headliner 1-28-2010

RANT: Did Miss USA Photo Shoot Go Too Far? 5-12-2010

Police: Dancer Dismembered, Sealed In Concrete 1-10-2011

For Vegas, CES All About Numbers 1-06-2011

Census Tally Nets Nevada Fourth House Seat 12-21-2010

Vegas Gas Prices Up 18 Cents In Week 2-28-2011

With Ensign Out, Eyes On Heller, Berkley 3-08-2011

Goodman Not Running For Governor 1-25-2010

Reid, Angle Debate Better Not Disappoint 10-14-2010

Caesars Name Now Headlines Gaming Giant 11-23-2010

Officer Testifies As Inquest Enters Final Day 9-28-2010

RANT: Let’s Not Take Angle Too Seriously 1-27-2011

Man Who Died In Police Custody Identified 12-13-2010

Giunchigliani Pokes Fun At Name In New Ad 2-11-2011

Obama: ‘I Love Vegas’ 2-19-2010

43-Year-Old Vegas Man Killed In Hit-And-Run 12-13-2010

As Mayor, Goodman ‘Million Miles’ From Wife’s Campaign 2-10-2011

Photographer: Angle’s ‘Aliens’ Not Illegal 10-08-2010

Suspects Plead Not Guilty In TeacherÂ?s Death 12-13-2010

RANT: Jobs Crisis Sours Labor Day Celebration 9-06-2010

Berkley Condemns Obama On House Floor 2-03-2010

RANT: Zappos Move Could Be Huge For Downtown 11-30-2010

Report: Yucca Shutdown Lacks Master Plan 7-23-2010

Â?Curious ClassÂ? Ready For Cosmopolitan 12-15-2010

Sahara Closure Extends Vegas’ Darkest Era 3-11-2011

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