Previewing Now Playing Podcast in 2015

Snip20141204_73I just published a post for Now Playing Podcast previewing two upcoming reviews in 2015 — both for iconic franchises that have been covered on the show.

I’m already in full James Bond mode following the news conference announcing SPECTRE as the title for next feature, which is set for November. After seeing director Sam Mendes introduce the cast, I went straight to my iTunes Bond playlist, and now I’m watching You Only Live Twice on Netflix.

I was less excited after watching the trailer for the next Terminator film, and, judging by the Internet’s reaction, I’m not alone. You should read the debate on the Now Playing Facebook page.

But as I wrote at the Venganza Media Gazette, it’s still early. People are outraged over the fact that it’s a reboot and there’s a new Sarah Connor and an older cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My first reaction wasn’t great, but now I don’t really feel one way or the other. I’m actually still more annoyed that FOX canceled The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and that was years ago.

It takes me a while to get over things.