The December 29, 2016 issue of Vegas Seven magazine
The Dec. 29 issue of Vegas Seven magazine.

I’ve spent the last two New Year’s Eve’s in… not Las Vegas. That’s really no way to spend the holiday. As much as I love my home state (NY) I’d argue Las Vegas is a better New Year’s experience. There’s something for every taste, and you can dial it up to a 10, or keep it around a 4, if that’s the way you like it.

For the New Year’s Eve issue of Vegas Seven magazine, I picked out seven ways to ring in 2017 off the Las Vegas Strip. There’s plenty to choose from — dinner specials, concerts, all-you-can-drink experiences, and even fireworks just outside of the city.

Online, you can get a look inside LAX Nightclub at Luxor as it readies for New Year’s Eve. The club had a lot of success this year with its “Throwback Thursday” headliners, and stuck to that theme when looking for its Dec. 31st headliners.

I also spent a few minutes chatting with Ron Ischer, Entertainment Operations Maintenance Manager at the Fremont Street Experience. It falls on Ischer’s shoulders to keep the 12.5 million lights of the Fremont canopy shining bright 365 days a year. But, as you can read, New Year’s Eve presents its own set of challenges.

The new issue of Vegas Seven is online and on newsstands now.

Fremont Street New Year's Eve Preview in Vegas Seven Magazine
“The Brightest Bulb on Fremont Street”

Don Cheadle watching a hotel implosion on News 3.

It will be hard for me not to miss Las Vegas this week for a couple reasons:

1) It’s the first Christmas away from the desert in 10 years.

2) Now Playing Podcast releases it’s review of 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven on Tuesday, and that’s just gonna bring back so many memories.

The picture above is a screenshot from the movie, it’s a scene where Don Cheadle’s character is watching the implosion of a hotel on the news. The graphic you see at the bottom is the old KVBC-TV logo.

News 3… Where News Comes First!

I started at KVBC (now KSNV) in April 2001, and when I got to town they were still filming Ocean’s (I might have mentioned that in a previous post). I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to see my station featured in the film.

That’s the old KVBC-TV logo!

A reporter and photographer from our station also made blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos toward the end of the film, and I remember shouting in the theater when I saw them on screen.

Ocean’s Eleven was such a big deal for the city back then, especially because it was released in December (which, at the time, was a slow month) and only a couple of months after September 11 (the tourism industry was really struggling). Seeing the Strip on the big screen was great promotion and the movie was such a great party you couldn’t help but walk away with good feelings about Las Vegas.