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Photo credit: Louis Van Baar (via Vegas Seven)

On newsstands and online today, my Q&A with Martin Garrix, the 21-year-old music prodigy who broke through in 2013 with his track “Animals” and has since dropped three EP’s, landed an Ibiza residency, and will be performing at Las Vegas’ Omnia Nightclub on August 18.

“It just seems to get crazier and crazier everywhere I go,” he said. No kidding. Here’s a guy having the time of his life, but as I wrote in the story, he’s not a party-all-the-time 21-year-old. Garrix is constantly working, to the point in which he admits not being able to turn away from music even in those brief moments where he could take a break.

In the story, Garrix also talks about returning to Las Vegas (he first played at Hakkasan back in 2014), which artist he’d love to collaborate with on a new project, and who he’s listening to right now.

You can read the piece, “Martin Garrix Is Never Not Working,” here.


Jason Latham's 24/7 and After Dark columns in the August 17 issue of Vegas Seven magazine
24/7 and After Dark in the 8/17 Vegas Seven

In this week’s issue of Vegas Seven magazine you can read my 24/7 and After Dark columns, highlighting everything to do in Las Vegas from August 17-23. Here are a few of my favorite picks for the next seven days:

Bryan Ferry at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I’m not as familiar with his solo stuff as I am his work with Roxy Music, although “Is Your Love Strong Enough” is a helluva song. (Aug. 17)

Big Boi at Drai’s Nightclub. Caught him at the Palms pool years back after the release of Sir Lucious Left Foot, would love to hear something live from his latest, BOOMIVERSE. (Aug. 18)

Las Vegas Reyes de Plata. The alter ego of the Las Vegas 51s minor league baseball team, Reyes de Plata makes their final appearance versus the Salt Lake Bees at Cashman Field. The rebranding is part of a MiLB multicultural fan engagement campaign. (Aug. 22)

As always, you can also read my roundup of the weekend’s most anticipated pool parties (with appearances by Diplo and Nora En Pure) as a sidebar to my After Dark column.


It’s been far too long since I’ve posted on this website. The reason, in a nutshell, is because for several months I’ve been focusing on my work and not doing much for myself. Although I’d laid the foundation for my content studio when I filed my LLC paperwork in January, it took some time before I felt completely confident that I would be able to succeed on my own. After working out the kinks (which include a new look for my website) I’m happy to report that Tryon Creative, LLC is in business. Take a look at what it’s all about.

The March 2-8 issue of Vegas Seven magazine
The March 2-8 issue of Vegas Seven

This week’s issue of Vegas Seven magazine features three stories that I’m really happy to say went very well, especially one that could have gone very badly.

I’ll start with the latter. Have you ever driven a $200,000 sports car? Neither had I until a few weeks ago, and then I got a chance to test drive a McLaren 570GT that was in stock at Chicago Motor Cars in Las Vegas. This car is amazing, and I would have loved to take it up to 90 miles per hour like my guide did during the first lap of our test drive.

But to me, the words “drive it like you stole it” mean going at or below the speed limit so you don’t get pinched. That’s exactly how my experience turned out. As far as a recommendation, I think this video sums it up quite nicely.

The second article in this week’s issue was a much easier, and less risky, assignment. I spoke with the owners of Luxe Rust, an antique and restoration shop that opened recently in downtown Las Vegas. More than the furniture, I was impressed by the owners, and their commitment not only to craftsmanship, but also the belief that everything that’s used can be restored good as new, creating a new experience for a new owner. If you’re a big believer in recycling and reducing your footprint in the world, this is a place you should see in person.

And lastly, a story that I’ve been really excited about; a conversation with DJ and XS Las Vegas headliner David Guetta. It was a rare opportunity to do the “celebrity interview” for the magazine, and he was quite genuine and willing to talk despite having just come from a long recording session at a London studio. I asked him about playing to Las Vegas crowds and his residency, as well as his recent participation in a documentary about the 808 drum machine. He also shared a story about meeting Keith Haring, which was pretty funny.

The new issue of Vegas Seven is on newsstands now.

Vegas Seven magazine Chinese New Year issue
“Do You Have Roosters Here?”

Sometimes the assignments I receive are very simple, like the one in this week’s issue of Vegas Seven magazine. All I had to do was go out and find roosters around Las Vegas for the magazine’s Chinese New Year issue.

“Just find roosters?” I asked my editor.

The answer was yes. There didn’t need to be anything special about the roosters. They didn’t have to come from the city’s Chinatown. They didn’t even have to be related to Chinese New Year.

They just needed to be roosters.

That is as simple as it gets. It sounds like an easy task, but Las Vegas is a big city. It was well known to me that roosters would be represented at the major casinos when they put up their Chinese New Year displays, so I could count on finding a couple of roosters on the Strip.

But then it got complicated. Surely, no one wants to read that I saw a rooster on a banner or bus stop billboard. I found plenty, but I wouldn’t send anyone there to see them.

So it took a couple of days, and I had to get creative. In the end, I think the article turned out pretty good. You can read for yourself, and check out the outstanding photos from photographer Cierra Pedro.

The 2017 Vegas Seven magazine "Intriguing People" issue
The 2017 Vegas Seven “Intriguing People” issue

This week’s issue of Vegas Seven magazine puts the spotlight on 23 artists, influencers, and entrepreneurs that make Las Vegas such a fascinating place to live.

The annual “Intriguing People” list is a celebration of the city’s diversity and its ability to attract creative talent from around the world. I spoke with five of the men and women featured, and just one of them was born in Las Vegas.

The issue is on newsstands, and all of the profiles are online at the Vegas Seven website. Here is a sample of my contributions, and a little bit about the five individuals I interviewed for the issue. I encourage you to read all 23 stories. You will learn about the people, the city, and find some inspiration in the work they do.

Danielle Polk, also known by her DJ moniker Carouselle, is a member of the city’s emerging creative class. Originally from Oklahoma, she moved to Las Vegas in 2009 and now co-owns her own clothing label and produces her own music, among other ventures. During the course of our conversation, she talked about her search for “truth, beauty, and goodness,” what she’s bringing to this year’s Sundance Film Festival and why she loves Las Vegas.

Brothers Jeff and Joe Thomas have been in business together since they were kids, but they’ve hit the big time with their latest venture, Donut Bar in Downtown Las Vegas. These donuts are works of art, Instagram-worthy, and customers are so obsessed that the brothers can only keep their store open for a few hours every day. We talked about how the Las Vegas Donut Bar came together, and how they plan to top their hugely successful first year in business.

Omnia nightclub Director of Marketing Richard B. Alexander learned a lot about nightlife and event planning as a young man in Las Vegas. But he learned even more when he stepped away from the city for a few years. Now he’s back and ready to make Omnia the premier club destination on the Las Vegas Strip. We talked about getting out of your comfort zone and how Vegas nightlife compares to other cities.

When I was 20 years old I was probably worried about getting tickets to a Friday night showing of some movie. Hunter Hopewell is about to film one of his own. The creative director of his family’s production company, Rock*Comedy*Film, is an award-winning filmmaker and performer building a following here in Las Vegas. During our conversation he talked about his first standup comedy performance, what inspires him, and the legacy he wants to leave the world.

A life-changing event led Natasha Pace to a career she never expected, but was surprisingly good at: estate sales. After launching her own business, Silver Lining Estate Sales, in Las Vegas, she gained a reputation as an organizer of people’s lives. In her own life, she is a master organizer, and offered me some tips on keeping my own affairs in order.


Sting performs at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Sting at the Chelsea

My recap of Sting’s New Year’s Eve performance at The Chelsea inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is up now at Vegas Seven.

In a nutshell, this was the New Year’s Eve show we needed, and New Year’s Eve is what the Cosmopolitan does best. I can’t imagine another hotel topping the talent lineup the property has hosted since its opening: Jay-Z and Coldplay, Steve Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers, Bruno Mars, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Enjoy the recap, setlist, and great pics by Erik Kabik.