Twelve is the new eleven

I’m a little late with this, but it’s been a hectic New Year already. Anyway, with the Now Playing Podcast Ocean’s Twelve review now online and just waiting for you to download, I wanted to share my failed attempt to recreate the famous Rat Pack photo (again) in 2004.

You have no idea how hard it is to get 11 guys together in a room when there’s nothing in it for them. “Hey, put on a suit and come get your picture taken like the Rat Pack,” didn’t work as well as¬†it did in 2001.

edited picture
We’re so famous.

So instead of reenacting Ocean’s Eleven we got “Latham’s Seven” standing next to the pool table at (now closed) The Ice House in downtown Las Vegas.

It’s not the Rat Pack, but it’s pretty cool.

Also, thank you to all the listeners who made Now Playing’s Ocean’s Twelve review No. 2 on iTunes in its debut on Thursday. The final review in the Ocean’s retrospective — Ocean’s Thirteen — will be up on Tuesday.


Snip20141116_85It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The Now Playing Podcast schedule was updated this morning to give listeners a look at which series’ will be covered through the end of the year, and instead of the traditional “Horror for the Holidays” theme, we’re going to Vegas!

The famous "Ocean's Eleven" photograph, circa 1960.
The famous “Ocean’s Eleven” photograph, circa 1960.

When Arnie first told me Ocean’s Eleven was on tap for December, I almost did one of those Rocky jumps with my fists in the air. The Ocean’s series is beloved in our household, for its coolness and its unique connection to Las Vegas.

I remember, when I moved to Vegas in 2001, my friends and I stumbled upon some of the Ocean’s Eleven filming at the Bellagio. My friend Warren took pictures of George Clooney, Scott Caan and Matt Damon playing cards while all these people stood around just watching them.

Our sad attempt, circa 2001.
Our sad attempt, circa 2001.

That year, when the film came out, I rallied my friends in Rochester to recreate the famous photo of Frank Sinatra and his Ocean’s crew standing around a pool table. I love that picture, even though I never fixed all the red eye.

I tried to rally my Las Vegas friends to do it again when Ocean’s Twelve came out in 2004, but only about six people showed up. So what we ended up with was a really nice shot of us standing at a pool table.

The Now Playing Podcast Ocean’s Eleven Retrospective Series¬†starts December 16, and in the coming days I’ll be posting more details about the shows, along with some perspective from the hosts recording the reviews.

Happy Holidays!