‘Halloween: Masks’ is here!

Click the image to read the story, and further below you can read about how this whole thing came together.


It took about a year to finish Halloween: Masks. I pitched the idea to my friend, Devon Heffer, telling him I wanted to write a story that would fit in with the expanded universe of John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Those short stories and comic books usually feature minor characters from the films and keep Michael Myers in the background until it’s time for him to, you know, do his thing.

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Spoilers Below!

So, I came up with the idea of a boy living in a town near Haddonfield about five years after the events of the original Halloween.

The boy, Bradley, would have an older sister – mirroring the Michael and Judith Myers characters from the film.

As the story progressed, Bradley would become a suspect in a series of crimes that were actually committed by Michael Myers. The adults in Bradley’s town would overreact, thinking the boy was infected by the same “evil gene” as Myers.

In the end, Bradley would be committed to the same sanitarium as Myers, where he’d realize the boogeyman was never out to get him – he just wanted him out of the way so he could get to his sister.

Devon took the idea to another level, adding a personal connection for Myers, linking Bradley’s family to a character from the first film. This gave Myers a motivation that we’ve seen before – his need to target people for Halloween pranks and not let go.

The adults in the story were never going to believe Myers was the killer, so Devon gave Bradley unsympathetic qualities that could make him a suspect.

“I didn’t want Bradley to be a victim. I wanted Bradley to maybe… just maybe… be a killer,” Devon said.

He also introduced the reader to Bradley’s father and expanded the characters of Bradley’s crush, Misty, and her boyfriend, Justin.

Visually, we wanted the story to look like it could fit right in with other Halloween short stories, so we used similar title fonts and reached out to another friend, artist and publisher PJ Perez, for help on the cover.

PJ came through with a dynamite cover that shows Bradley staring at a wall of Halloween masks, like he does at one point in the story.

Among them you can see Michael Myers’ mask, along with the skull, pumpkin and witch masks made by Silver Shamrock (Halloween 3!!). PJ also threw in some characters popular for the era in which the story takes place.

A lot of work went into this short story, we hope you enjoy it. And we’re not done. Devon and I are already talking about a new story for Halloween 2014, we’ll see what happens.

–          Jason

Kickstarter-funded ‘Tales from Lost Vegas’ ready for debut

Less than three months after wrapping its successful Kickstarter campaign, the locally-produced Tales from Lost Vegas comic book is ready for its debut.

The book — an all-ages tale of three kids exploring a hidden world underneath the city — will be unveiled Oct. 25 at an exhibit inside Alternate Reality Comics on Maryland Parkway near Flamingo Road.

It will make its official debut the following weekend at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival at the Clark County Library.

Tales from Lost Vegas is the third in the popular Tales from… anthology, which began with 2010’s Tales from the Boneyard and was followed by Tales from Fremont Street a year later.

Each book in the series is a collaboration of local talent and benefits the Comic Book Festival.

Tales from Lost Vegas was written by Ed Hawkins and features art by Steve Benton, Daniel Blodgett, Ken Lamug and Jska Priebe.

It was published by Pop Goes the Icon, which raised nearly $7,000 for the project on Kickstarter.

The creators will be on hand to greet fans at an artists’ reception at Alternate Reality from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. next Friday. Tales from Lost Vegas will be featured in the store’s “Artist Spotlight” gallery through Nov. 22.

Full disclosure: I’m very excited to hear this news. I contributed to the campaign over the summer, so congratulations to everyone involved!