Welcome to October

October is my favorite month. Cooler air, baseball playoffs and, of course, Halloween.

This year I wanted to restart a project that I worked on during the last Halloween season. It’s a Tumblr account I call “31 Days Til Halloween.”

Last year I tried to have a Halloween-related post for every day of the month. I’d include my own Halloween memories, seasonal videos, pics, etc.

This year, I’m going to focus on Halloween music. So over the next 31 days I’ll be pulling out links to old classics like “Monster Mash” as well some newer stuff like “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.”

I’ll try to add more than just novelty tunes. There will definitely be links to songs from Halloween movies or even a piece of original score from one of my favorite flicks.

I think I can handle this. I mean, my phone already has two Halloween playlists and a Pandora channel dedicated to the sounds of the season.

Here’s a link to the Tumblr feed so you can follow the updates, I’ll also leave a link on my homepage through the month.

Happy October everyone!